How to get your first 1000 followers on Pinterest?

Do you want to know how to get your first 1000 followers on Pinterest? Are you struggling to grow your followers on a new Pinterest account and looking for ways to get new followers fast? Well, this is the Article for you.Β 

OK, y’all you might know that I am close to hitting 700 followers on Pinterest. This is an account that I’ve had for five years. So it’s been a bit of time since I’ve learned a lot of strategies for gaining new followers and I’m going to be sharing them with you in this post.

This is especially a strategy that you can start using on a brand new account that is going to get you more followers fast. But first, there are two things you need to make sure that you’ve done before you start using this strategy.Β 

How do I Optimize my profile?

And I’m going to show you exactly what they are. Your first step should be to optimize your Pinterest profile as soon as possible. When someone is hitting Follow, it is usually from the profile page.Β 

Optimize Your Profile
Optimize Your Profile

So make sure you have your profile photo, that you have a banner, and that you’ve also taken the time to write out a bio. So say, for example, this new account I created for my Pinterest stuff, I have, hey, I’m your Pinterest coach here to help you grow your traffic with Pinterest.Β 

Sign up for my free Masterclass. So that is exactly who I am and how I can help. Another great example is Kayla from writing from nowhere. She’s optimized her profile name writing from nowhere. That’s her brand name.Β 

Remote work life and online business tips. She also has a great bio. This is so important because remember, people are hitting Follow from your profile page and you also want to get found in search.Β 

When someone is searching for the keywords in your Bio or your profile name, the second thing you need to ensure is that you have rich Pins enabled on your site. Super easy to do. All you need is a plug-in and a bit of code on your site.Β 

Below is a link where you can get help with that. But this is important because when someone is sharing your Pins or when your Pins show up on Pinterest, you want them to see your lovely profile photo and your profile name right beside it.Β 

And they want to click that follow button. So don’t miss out on this extra bit of advertisement for your profile on all of your Pins. So make sure you have rich Pins enabled. Okay, when you have those two things done, now you’re ready to use this amazing strategy that just takes a few minutes.Β 

This is what you’re going to do, and I encourage you to do it from mobile because it’s easier. You’re going to want to spend just five minutes or less every single day engaging on relevant Pins from relevant users.Β 

So this is what I mean. So say, for example, you’re a finance blogger. You’re going to want to find relevant accounts in your niche and engage with their recent Pins. That means you can leave a comment.Β 

So just leave a comment like, wow, this is great for saving money. Or you can ask a simple question like how would you recommend getting started? You should start a conversation with these relevant accounts pinning content related to your niche.Β 

Can You Pin Videos on Pinterest?

Of course, if it’s a video pin or an idea pin, you can leave a reaction and a quick comment saying, wow, this was helpful. You can leave these tiny comments that are going to start building engagement.Β 

Pin Videos on Pinterest

You can also do this with Pins that you find on your home feed. See right here? I’m just on my Pinterest. Account, you can see some recent Pins. You’re going to want to click on that Pin, go to the person’s profile, and ensure that it was a Pin that was recently added.Β 

How do I Optimize my Pinterest Board?

So from Mobile, you’re able to see which boards have had recent Pins that were added. So say, for example, this profile file, has a Pin that was recently pinned to this exact board. So I’m going to leave a comment.Β 

I’m going to react if it’s a video pin or an idea pin. So speaking of Pinterest boards, I encourage you to ensure that you have got a few great Pinterest boards that are optimized. They have a cover photo, they have a description, and a great title, and you’re pinning to those boards regularly.Β 

Optimize Pinterest BoardBecause, yes, people can follow your profile, but they can also follow your Pinterest boards. So be sure you’re not missing out on gaining followers on your well-optimized boards. That can also rank in Google search, which can also show up in search results.Β 

So be sure that you’re checking all of those boxes. So just for a few minutes every day, hop on to the Pinterest app, find a few Pins that are relevant to your niche comment, leave a few reactions, and start building that engagement.Β 

Then here’s the second part of this strategy. You want to go to the profile of that relevant and active person in your niche and start following their followers. Make sure you know who your competitors are and engage with their followers.Β 

You don’t want to follow this. Follow 100 people a day. Do not do that. You don’t want to unfollow. Do not do that. It’s not like Instagram, where people are looking at, oh my gosh, they’re following more people than are following them.Β 

That doesn’t matter on Pinterest. So don’t unfollow and only follow a handful of people every day. Don’t overdo it. So if you do too much of this, you can trigger the Pinterest fan blocker, which is going to be bad for your account.Β 

So you want to make sure you do this in moderation, which is why I encourage you to only spend five minutes doing this every day, and you will start to see your follower count go up. Okay, so engage and comment on relevant Pins for your niche.Β 

Sure, you can sparingly save them, but you want to prioritize your Pins when you’re saving Pins. Okay, and here’s a third way that you can get to your first 10 followers in no time flat. I encourage you to make use of your audience off of the platform.Β 

Therefore, do you have an email list? What is your Instagram activity like? Have you got a Facebook page? Are you a YouTuber? You want to encourage your followers and subscribers and viewers, no matter where they are, to engage and follow you on Pinterest.Β 

So it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Sure, if you have an email list, send an email saying, hey, I’m on Pinterest. It would be greatly appreciated if you could follow. You could also do something like a contest so you can give away something relevant to a prize winner who follows you.Β 

So, hey, I’m holding a one-week Grow My Pinterest Account contest for one lucky person who follows me, and today is going to win a copy of my amazing Course. Or they’re going to win this. E-book, or maybe a copy of your book or a product, whatever it is, you want to entice them to click that follow button.Β 

You can also do a landing page. So say, for example, this is what I did with my YouTube channel. I created a landing page. So anytime anyone signed up for anything on my website site, on my landing page, I encourage them to click and subscribe to my YouTube channel.Β 

I had previously done this for my Facebook group and this can work. When you’re trying to grow your followers and subscribers on any platform, another thing that you can use with the military is a plugin for WordPress that adds a pop-up or a bar to your site, encouraging others to follow.Β 

So if you have some traffic to your site for just $9 a month, you can get followers and it might be worth it. You just want to jumpstart and get to that 1st 1000. So I encourage you to make use of all three of these strategies so that you can get the most amount of followers in a vast amount of time.Β 

And of course, another pro tip is to create Idea Pins. If you have the time, idea Pins are a great way for you to grow your followers. Of course, you want to make sure that your bio is optimized because on that final slide of an Idea Pin they see your bio and are offered the opportunity to click the follow button.Β 

So why not make use of this feature? I’ve gained over 30 followers with just the 31 Idea Pins that I created last. So you can also gain followers by creating, say, one fresh Idea Pin. Every week.Β 

And that’s another way for you to grow your followers. You want to also make sure that you are pinning consistently. Keep pinning. Check your Pinterest analytics to see what are the types of Pins that have high save counts.Β 

Because here’s the thing, if someone is saving your Pins, that means they love your Pins, and they are most likely already clicking that follow button. So you want to create even more Pins like that so it entices even more followers.Β 

And of course, you want to check the engagement tab of your profile. You might be getting comments, so be sure to also reply to those comments. Start engaging. That’s going to encourage anyone who has left a comment to hit the follow button on your profile.Β 


So there you have it. Those are four ways for you to grow your followers fast on Pinterest and get to those first thousand subscribers. And remember, in moderation, I wouldn’t spend more than five minutes a day doing this.Β 

Don’t follow too many accounts at a time. Don’t leave too many comments at a time. Be sure to do it naturally and organically. Don’t push too hard or you might get bit by the Pinterest spam blocker.Β 

So if you found this article helpful, I love being your Pinterest coach. And stick around. I got this article that you’re going to find help and I’ll see you in the next article.Β 

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